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Wet area waterproofing is a integral part of any bathroom.  Although it is never seen once tiles are laid, it plays a critical role in protecting your home from leaks, mould, mildew & water damage.


Powers Insulation & Plumbing have been waterproofing local bathrooms & ensuites for more than 20yrs.  Fully accredited with Ardex Australia & the added security of a 10yr waterproofing compliance certificate, rest assured you are in good waterproofing hands.


Using high quality Ardex waterproofing membranes, with a two coat system your bathroom, laundry or toilet will be ready for tilling in no time whatsoever.

Taps are further protected using Waterbar Tap Penetration Flanges & Seals ensuring the best possible protection against water ingress.


Waterproofing of retaining walls is also what we do.  Check out now how we can help.


For the trades Powers have a large range of Ardex stock ready for dispatch.


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Roof Ventilators

Installing a roof ventilator (often referred to as a Roof Vent or Whirly Bird) can help to reduce unwanted heat in summer while keeping moisture levels to a minimum in winter.

Available in zincalume & a large range of Colorbond colours there’s sure to be a vent that will look great on your roof.  Powers can supply & install roof vents &, if needed, manufacture flashing to ensure a watertight install.

Warranties of up to 10yrs ensures peace of mind that your vent will last.


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Whether it be a Velux Skylight (pictured) or something more traditional, a skylight can significantly decrease the cost of lighting a room or simply brighten up a dark corner.

New age electronic skylights also have the advantage of light without the unwanted heat generated in summer by a traditional shafted skylight.  These also have the added benefit of being able to be switched off if in a hallway near a bedroom or theatre room.


Skylights are available in various sizes (round & square) to suit almost any situation, room or area.


Getting a skylight installed is now easier than ever.

Seasonal Servicing & Repair – Evaporative Cooling, Gas Ducted Heating & Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning units

The temperature is heating up & it’s time to turn on your evaporative cooler but it has been sitting dormant for half the year.

Is it full of spiders & nasties?

Does the cover need removing?

Are the vents open or even connected?

An evap seasonal startup service includes an EsyDose chemical treatment, internal clean & check over the entire system for leaks.  Then after the season has ended we can shut it down, clean it out, turn off the water & pop your cover back on.

Your reverse cycle air conditioner might need a bit of love from time to time.  We can service & repair these too.

If your ducted gas heater or portable gas heater needs a once over we can have it running like the day it was installed.


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Seasonal Servicing & Repair – Solar Hot Water Heaters & Solar Power

Storage hot water heaters (including solar units) are recommended to be checked over on a yearly basis.  The sacrificial anode in the centre of the tank is normally replaced every 5yrs.

A regular check for leaks & corrosion can ensure your tank is producing hot water for many, many years & doesn’t fail at the worst possible time.

Solar power units reduce in performance over time due to dirty modules & corroded connections.  High resistance leadis to low output.


Keep your system working at its best with a yearly check.