ecosmart solar power

Looking for a traditional solar power system or want the latest in technology with a micro system – Riverina EcoSmart can help you save on your energy bills!

For your home

For most homes the installation of a solar power array can provide substantial savings on the power usage from the grid.


Many of our customers come to us after they’ve been spoken to other solar companies who have confused them, or tried to sell them a bigger solar system than what they needed.


That’s why we work with you to define your energy-saving goals and design a system that’s right for you, your roof size and your energy production needs now and into the future.


Batteries are more affordable than ever, and the government incentives mean your solar system can be installed for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.


Because we’re locals just like you, we aren’t going anywhere!  We’re also the EcoSmart Dealer for the Riverina, & offer after-care service, so you can contact us if you have any questions before, during or after the installation process.

We can also repair existing solar power systems.


We have a large showroom with solar power equipment & solar hot water options, including EcoSmart products, so you can visit us to see the options.

We can talk about the rebates & government incentives for solar hot water & solar power.


We look at the best option & often find a larger system is not necessary due to usage patterns of the family, which will end in you having larger amounts of unused energy which may be exported to the grid, earning little back as a credit on your account, so it is important to understand the times you consume your power, not just how much you consume.


We can advise you about ‘Time Of Use’ metering to also reduce your costs, especially when you may get up to 50% off the power used on weekends & at night (10pm to 7am)


For Your Business

Clearly, when most businesses are open, it is daytime & the use of power after hours is generally fairly low, so it makes good sense to look at powering your business with Solar; get your share of the free power from the sun whilst you are there to use it!  Then, with a ‘Time Of Use’ meter, your cost for overnight & weekend usage can be minimised.


Also, with depreciation schedules clearly defined, the availability of lease & rental arrangements, your accountant should be able to advise you on the benefits that can be derived from your investment.


Payback times can be as low as 4 – 6 years, & there’s not many other equipment purchases you will make with figures like that! And it will continue to save you money for many years to come, with warranties on modules that must meet the ‘Australian Standard (AS 4777)’  that requires a performance Warranty of 25 years!


What is generally referred to as the “REBATE” is in fact a payment for the power you expect to generate.  STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates), formerly known as REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) are calculated based on system size, location, and the “Deeming Period”.  This is then paid to you by way of a ‘point of sale discount’ (upfront deduction).  This applies to all systems up to 100kW.

Larger systems attract LGC’s (Large Scale Technology Certificates) & are only paid after you have produced the power.


Give us a call!

We can carry out an inspection of the premises to assess the suitability of the building (or ground site), generally free of charge, a fixed price quote, & provide a report for your business showing the viability for your particular location to consider & to discuss with your accountants & advisers before you commit to the project.


We are locals & we are here to make sure your progress through the purchase of your solar system will address all of the issues that might affect you, & be there for you again in the long term for your peace of mind.


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